Challenge Results!!

The pre-BOOBs 10 week challenge has ended!

Here are the results:

Group starting weight: 3790.1

Group ending weight: 3649.2

Total group loss: 140.9

We had two groups of challengers….those attending the weekend in Chicago and those that were not.

The winners are as follows and cash prizes will be paypal-ed to the winner of each category.

Of those attending:

1. Jennifer T (JennXaz – Tales from Arizona) – 10% loss – 23.5 lbs

2. Joey (Volume Control) – 9.2% loss – 21.4 lbs

3. Sandra S (Think It, Live It, Do It) – 8.5% - 16.4 lbs

Of those not attending:

1. Zinna (From Fabulous to Fit) – 3.4% - 8.6 lbs

2. Jess P (The Little Bandit) – 2.8% - 4.2 lbs

3. TIE between:

Amy (Newtles & Wingdings) - .2% - .4 lbs

Elizabeth (Inside vs. Outside0 - .2% - .4 lbs

Congratulations to everyone! 140.9 lbs in 10 weeks is something to be proud of!!!


It’s been a pleasure running this challenge. I never really had to chase down weights or hound people and that made it easy peasy for me! Thanks so much!


Thank you all!!!!!!!!

On behalf of the planning committee it was so nice to have the opportunity to meet and see each and every one of you on our third trip to Chicago.  This whole thing started as an idea a couple of friends had to give a broader group of people the chance to meet in person others who have shared similar life experiences; basically they wanted to bring the wonderful blogs they read to life.

It turned out to be such a loving, supportive and non judgmental group that those who took the risk to open up to women they had just met were able to find life long friends and wonderful support systems.

We feel so proud to have begun a tradition that allowed such a diverse group of wonderful women to end up in the same place at the same time where common bonds could be discovered and new friendships formed and solidified.  Even though it was never our intention to structure your experience in Chicago, we so enjoyed the the few events we did plan that gave us the opportunity to meet you and hope each and every one of you found ways to reach out and meet others you could form relationships with.  We want to thank those of you who also organized group events that provided even more chances to meet new people.

Now that we're back home and have a minute to reflect about our time in Chicago it's clear to us that it's time to pass the torch to some of you other wonderful women. It takes a lot of time, effort, commitment, thick skin, and money to organize such an event that allowed over 135 strangers to come together over the past three years to share laughter and tears and our common life experiences and to form life long friendships  We know some among you can do an even better job creating the weekend of your dreams and we absolutely wish you all the best in doing so and we certainly hope you'll invite us.

Thanks again for the wonderful memories each of you helped to create over the years; you will never be forgotten.

Yours truly,
The planning committee. (aka The Jedi Kittens)


BOTD Catherine from Chronicles From Band Land

Catherine is from New York and her blog is called "Chronicles from Band Land!"

Last but not least! We were oh so pleased to learn that Catherine can make it to Chicago for the third year. Which Disney movie has the young, thin, pretty god-mother? Yeah, I can't think of one either, but there should be one and she would look just like Catherine. For she is the god-mother of us all in WLS blogging world. She has inspired so many of us to become better version of ourselves. For those of you meeting her for the first time will not be disappointed. She is even sweeter and funnier in person and I feel lucky to call her my friend.
- Joey

Catherine is the one blogger who really needs no introduction. So many of us lost our blogging virginity to her! Really, I think she has inadvertently changed more lives than she could ever know. I thank her for showing me what blogging can do, and what a wonderful, positive thing it can be. She has shared so much with all of us, and touched so many of us! I can't wait to see her again and give her a smooch!!
- Gilly

Catherine's blog was one of the first blogs I found (just like you!) and have thoroughly enjoyed and learned from her journey. There is a fear when you build someone up to be a legend in your mind......what if they are different in person? Actually that IS what happened when I met Catherine two years ago, because she is even better in person. She can rock a couture gown and swear like a sailor. It doesn't get much better. I'm really looking forward to seeing her again!
- Deborah